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This summer we have been busy getting ready for the new year. Besides the new playground we now have a beautiful paved parking lot in front of the high school. The exterior as well as much of the interior of the high school is sporting a new coat of paint. We have new insulated beautiful windows in the entire elementary school as well as several newly painted classrooms. Security is also a top priority so we are looking to install all new metal security doors on all the classrooms at the high school and exterior doors at the elementary school.

Technology continue to improve in Fossil School District schools as we will be upgrading our iPads to the newest models to go along with our new interactive Panels that were installed at the end of last year. These latest iPads will have sharper images, more memory and easier to sync with the current software. As I enter into my 10th and final year here at Fossil School District, I reflect back on how far we have come since we became a charter school. I am proud of the teachers, classified employees and the School Board members that have worked so hard to make this district great. Thanks also to all you parents.  Brad

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