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Wheeler High School sits on a hill overlooking the town of Fossil. Fossil beds are located directly behind the High School opposite the activity field. Wheeler High School has a long history  dating back to 1901. The High School offers traditional academic courses as well as a wide variety of elective and extra curricular classes and activities. We have a spirited student body and active community involvement. The school mascot is the falcon and the school color's are black and gold.

Wheeler High School became a Charter School in 2007 with a focus on Natural Resources. Our program includes a school garden, a 30'x50' greenhouse and field trips that take the students around Wheeler county to ranches and wilderness lands to study noxious weeds, the effects of rapid juniper growth, riparian projects, natural springs, inches of yearly rainfall, etc....

Our Natural Recourses coordinator is Jon Bowerman;

19 years Wheeler County Planning Commission

12 years Fossil School Board

10 years Wheeler County Soil and Water Conservation District

4 years Prineville District BLM Grazing Advisory Board

2 years president of Wheeler County Stock Growers Assn

Most importantly, he has lived and worked in Wheeler County as a rancher for 30 years. He teams with the teachers in their lesson plans and garden projects as well as planning the field trips.